Snapback Night Cruise Stance

Jedeš si stance vibe? Připravili jsme pro tebe clean cap s nápisem “STANCE”

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Snapback Night Cruise Stance

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[stæns or stɑːns]

[ The stance of a vehicle is determined by its suspension height and the fitment of the wheels in the fender arches. It may refer to any vehicle, including sports cars, pickup trucks and off-road vehicles, however it is mostly associated with lowered sports cars, sedans, hatchbacks, vans and other body styles of passenger cars. The term stance is most commonly associated with the stanced car subculture, a style of modifying cars which emphasizes lowering cars, typically with either coilovers or air suspension, and often adding negative camber to the wheels to achieve the „stanced“ look. The main parameters of the vehicle’s stance are suspension height and position of the wheels. Suspension height usually depends on the suspension components while wheel position usually depends on the rim size and offset. Tire fitment also plays a big role from both visual and functional perspective. ]

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